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The Legacy Conspiracy: Part 1

Hello, hello. It's been freakishly a year since I wrote the last time. But I planned this story all throughout my university courses and on nights I just couldn't sleep. I might be more prolific if I do get that XP laptop and transfer all my Sims 2 files. I'll write more on that later. Here's my latest:

This is Ezekiel Eille. Or at least, this was Ezekiel Eille in his earlier years. This sleepy-eyed, preppy boy is…

..now this—a studdy surfer.

It’s hard to imagine that a once quiet and obedient Eastern European boy who was practically raised in a boarding school has evolved into such a person.

Either way, Ezekiel Eille has now retained no traces of his previous self, mentally as well as physically. The Eille family, a tough business aspired family—that is, for the most part, until he was born—, are rich enough to burn money. Yet, this is hardly an excuse for a member of such esteemed relations to break this tradition and opt to be a slacker.

But such is Ezekiel’s tragedy that he did not intentionally break these “sacred” bonds. The Eille family knew full well the boy was smart but something else about him threatened them. Ezekiel was showing signs of being…non-business like. Could it be a sign of another aspiration? Or just disinterest in their traditional ways?

In their outrage, Ezekiel was outcasted, but indirectly. Once his sky-high grades in university started to go underground, he found a six figured check in his mailbox on the night of that Greek party. Ezekiel got the hint and had not the slightest amount of regret of his failures as he moved out of the dorm. This neighborhood…Pleasantview…or whatever would be his sanctuary from his “misconstrued” past.

Ezekiel’s money gets him a nice, grassy lot on the sunny side of Pleasantview—the sunny side being the decent, civilized side. While most of the Eille family had not approved of it, Ezekiel’s parents had sent him all the money he would need for his future.

But Ezekiel wastes no time brooding over his family’s ousting him. He immediately inspects his house and is pleased at this new place of residence.

Satisfied with the house, Ezekiel runs out to meet anyone who would be passing by. This is a distant member of the only Legacy family in Pleasantview: Jacques Jackson. Ezekiel’s easygoing and friendly nature has already earned him a few friends…

…one of them being Cyrus Seether (Ahh, latino goodness!). Cyrus was a car mechanic but 4 years of burying his head in Physics textbooks has got him a place well earned in the Pleasantview society. Cyrus is now a chemical, mechanical, and an electrical engineer, and could easily replace the Pleasantview repairman.

“Did you just arrive here,” asks Cyrus, politely. “Yeah, I just flew in from Poland last night,” he informs Cyrus. “That’s where most of my family is anyway. I did all my purchases online for this house. Pleasantview is much better than I thought it to be.”

“That’s irony for you,” says Cyrus. “A lot of residents have left in the past month.” Ezekiel, though not tremendously inquisitive, is curious. “Oh,” he remarks, “And why’s that?”

Cyrus got this a lot from new neighbors. The truth was that Pleasantview had not been the neighborhood it was meant to be. The name was now practically a misnomer. But Cyrus didn’t want to scare Ezekiel away. “Ahh, I don’t know,” he says lightly, hoping it would throw Ezekiel off. “Maybe they want to relocate? This is getting to be a sleepy neighborhood anyway.”

But Ezekiel doesn’t care. All in all, he likes this place. This was what he always wanted—to live independently away from the hassles and the nagging of his large, purist family.

Ezekiel sets up a new routine for himself—TV, food, and bed. Not necessarily in that order.

Jacques continues to visit him despite Ezekiel’s slight apprehension of him coming from a Legacy family. It stirred up memories he’d rather forget.

And the friendship between Cyrus and Ezekiel soars as well. Ezekiel realized he could talk to Cyrus about anything…yet he hesitated to talk about the real reason why he was there. Instead, he asks about the Legacy family in Pleasantview, a tpic he felt he could relate more closely to. “Yeah, Jaqueline—Jacques’s sister—is married into that family,” replies Cyrus. “They’re pretty rich but they never show it off. They’re nice people, but they recently lost an “heir” to the social worker—little Bret. They got carried away with…raising too many. Oh well, you can’t win them all so…But Ezekiel wasn’t listening. None of the people here really shared his misery, his past. But no matter. At least now he could live freely.

Almost immediately, this “laidback” life starts to get to Ezekiel. Within a week he soon starts to show symptoms of being a slob.

And all he ever wants to do is sleep.

One night, Ezekiel learns that a new downtown has come up. “Really,” he exclaims between mouthfuls of one-day-old cereal for his dinner, “We should go! This neighborhood won’t be so sleepy anymore. You have no idea how much time I used to spend in downtown when I was in university. I would practically live there! Plus, I really didn’t have to go to university. I mean, I don’t have to work. I’m as good as retired at twenty two. Twenty two!” But Cyrus’s indifferent gaze makes Ezekiel simper. “But that was two years ago. We should definitely go though. How about tomorrow?”

Ezekiel, with only more money to spend, instantly orders a brand new sports car online. “Now I can be seen in downtown,” he thought proudly.

Downtown night finally arrives. Ezekiel’s dying to show off his new car. “I heard there’s a light show tonight,” says Hess Law, a simple knowledge-aspired sim. “Maybe we should go see it?” “Sure, why not,” replies Ezekiel with a smirk.

But Ezekiel has something else in mind.

Upon arriving Ezekiel overthrows the DJ of the P.U.R.E nightclub and immediately takes over the machine. “Hah, I can’t believe it,” he exclaims after ripping a few CDs, “I’m still awesome at this!”

“Err, ‘scuse me, but where are we?” asks a thoroughly disoriented Hess.

“Party Until Really Early, man. Get it? You enjoy this lightshow now.” And Hess is drowned out as the sims pouring into the nightclub shout out their requests to Ezekiel.

Four hours later, Ezekiel is pooped. He half-willingly and half-reluctantly gave up his position to the original DJ who had been sulking in the corner, before Ezekiel staggered to the hot baths upstairs. Hess and Cyrus had left a long time ago. Guess this isn’t their cup of tea, thought Ezekiel with a wry smile. That’s too bad. They sure are missing out.

But just before Ezekiel decides to head back home, he notices somebody else. Ezekiel’s immediately swept off his feet. Another two hours are spent in conversation and socializing.

The next day, Ezekiel sleeps well into the afternoon. He had stumbled into the house at 7 in the morning, and not particularly in a good mood. His efforts in socializing with that mystery woman from last night had been in vain. Ezekiel realized only 2 hours later that she was using him—Her wedding ring had been on her finger the entire time. The nerve of her! And yet, she almost convinced him to move to downtown.

But the shrill sound of the telephone ring makes Ezekiel jump. Grumbling and swearing, he drowsily kicks off the bed covers and stomps over to the phone.

But the call doesn’t help his mood. It’s from the billing company. “…Or we’re afraid the Repo Man’ll be taking care of it,” was all Ezekiel heard as he zoned out of his drowsy thoughts. Ezekiel knew what that would mean. He threw the phone back in place and trudged downstairs.

But at the mailbox, was a gypsy woman. “I sense you are looking for another half to spend the rest of your days with,” she says promptly. Ezekiel rolls his eyes as last night’s memories come flooding back to him. “You mean the one in downtown” he snaps. “I’m sure you’re as much of a fraud as she is!” But Madame Michelle Despuisse isn’t too pleased with his outburst as Ezekiel stuffs wads of cheques into the mailbox.

Almost immediately, Before he knew it, thunder strikes the sky and Ezekiel is soaking wet. And as he blinks raindrops from his eyes, he sees Michelle Despuisse, who’s apparently dismissed herself, hobbling away with a crystal ball. Clearly, this woman can not only control love lives but the weather too!

And Ezekiel’s right. No sooner has he walked back to the mailbox to pay off the car installments, the sun’s back in the sky. Whatever, he thought. That little “spell” of hers didn’t even scare me. So much for me learning my “lesson”.

Now that Ezekiel was up, he decides to water the plants. “As long as I distract my mind, I’ll forget about last night,” he says to himself. But Ezekiel can’t work for long. The back of his neck soon starts to sting, a sign that spring was now giving way to summer. Oh well, this calls for some gelatin and TV, he thinks as he tosses away the empty watering can.

As Ezekiel straightens up and is about to head toward the door, he catches a glimpse of something that makes him numb. Did I really see that? Or was it the heat? But nevertheless, Ezekiel races indoors.

And sure enough, as plain as day, Ezekiel sees what he was hoping he wouldn’t see. Ezekiel tries to grab the little toddler, who turns out to be boy, but Ezekiel’s stature doesn’t make it easy to crawl under the table and retrieve him. Plus, Ezekiel realizes, that the toddler couldn’t talk yet as he toddler cooed and gah-gahed at the patterns on the rug. All of a sudden, Ezekiel tightens up. He runs back outside for some fresh air.

Who is this kid and where did he come from? Ezekiel’s house was the last on the block and the neighbors on either side lived at least a street away. “Surely I would have seen him crawl by,” he murmured to himself. He closed his eyes trying to backtrack. He had a suspicion that it could have been Michelle Despuisse’s work. “Great.”

But Ezekiel is in luck. He sees Cyrus walking up the street. “Cyrus,” he exclaims. “Thank god.” But Cyrus seems perplexed at the sudden arrival of this unexpected guest.

“God, I know,” exclaims Ezekiel knowingly, half-relieved at Cyrus’s presence yet half-frustrated. “I was watering my plants and I walked in and I saw him! I don’t know how he could have gotten in! All surrounding houses are at least on the next street!” Ezekiel’s almost yelling now. But the toddler, who seems to smell faintly of sour milk and unchanged diapers, only crawls closer to Ezekiel.

“Ugh,” cries out Ezekiel. “What do I do! Maybe we should go around the neighborhood and ask! You know, door-to-door?” But he notices that Cyrus hasn’t said a word. “What’s wrong, Cyrus. Can this possibly get any worse,” mutters an exasperated Ezekiel. “Yeah,” replies Cyrus, coolly. Ezekiel rolls his eyes. “I wonder where this kid’s parents are! Letting him wander the neighborhood as he pleases!” Ezekiel’s about to stomp into the house but Cyrus’s words give him a chill. “His parents aren’t here.” Ezekiel whips around.

“What,” cries Ezekiel. “You—you know him,” he manages to sputter. “Cyrus! I…I can’t keep this kid. I mean, I—I can barely keep this house clean by myself!” But his exclamations soon start to make the little toddler wail. “You weren’t listening, were you,” says Cyrus calmly amidst the noise and chaos. “When I told you about them the other day. His parents left about a month ago, possibly on a worldwide cruise.” “What! Who? How!,” raved Ezekiel. But just then they’re interrupted.

“Hey…” says mailman Sheldon.
“He needs to go, Cyrus,” asserts Ezekiel.
“…Isn’t that Bret Legacy?”

And with that Ezekiel Eille’s world came crashing down.

That's it for the first! I worked on it pretty quickly. Comments and critiques welcome as always. The second installment'll be up in due course =)

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That was awesome.

The storyline kept me completely hooked...as soon as I saw the toddler inside the house, I actually gasped. Amazingggg.

I'll be looking forward to the next installments~ ♥

Yee! Thanks so much!! I wasn't too happy with it but now I know I did some decent work. Lol, the toddler was just an idea out of the blue! I'll be posting the next installment in a week or so? So you can keep checking back on here then =)

I enjoyed it :)

adding this journal now :)

Yey!! Thanks much, Nick! Glad you enjoyed it. The second part'll be out soon. =)

Oh my god the baby is going to bring a whole world of chaos, can't wait till I see the next one. Although I was curious at where this story was going to the, plot twist that you added was and extreme shock. I though Cyrus was a woman till I saw the name, ( feel so ashamed) and a the fact that you explain how he get his money makes it more believable that he is a true slacke.

Argh, I know! Introducing a character takes forever, but Square Enix did it for me the last time =). And Cyrus is a guy! (sob sob). I'll work on my story tonight or so while I AIM you.

Thanks for liking!

DAMN!!! I know I IM'd you all the while but man was I hooked.... THE BABY!!! Sorry for going postal.

All right, you asked for details..

More on Ezeikel's background. Some huge scandals, controversy, anything. Less on Cyrus, keep him mysterious.... because I love mysterious men. But talk about his college life, I have a feeling that will be interesting. ;)

Cyrus is HOT! But reduce his chest size a little.... thanks. Oh, and E's one nght stand? What about her? Make her play a HUGE part in the next installment.... or none at all, to add a little twist. I have a funny feeling she IS important. Oh, and Hess Law is LOVE. :P

PS: Where did E get his mad DJ skillz from anyway?

More on Ezekiel's background? I'll try though it's a little too late for me to take pictures seeing that he's already an adult. But I'll tweak it =P . And Cyrus is hardly to be seen in Pleasantview anyway. I'm so glad he was passing by Ezekiel's house when he moved in, ha. But he's pretty mysterious as it is. And as for his chest size, hah! I can't do anything about it, but I'll look at the body meshes. O, and Ezekiel didn't really have a one night stand, though you could look at it that way. I left it up to you to decide. In my mind, he didn't, though it would have been expected of him so it's fine. And erm...o yeah Hess Law's name...and .....ooo DJ skills. It was "implied" (very subtly) or it can even be inferred that he got good at it during university times, when he mentions to Cyrus that he used to as good as live in downtown, the party animal.

Yes! The baby! And he'll bring a world of chaos and disorder. Hehe (evil laugh).


damnn Ezekiel is sexy :p + seriously such a good twist, makes me wanting MORE AND MORE. and hah its so ironic they were talking about the Bret baby at the start and and cyrus was explaining it and then hes like ohh whatever im free and all but now hes stuck with the baby :p hah it all came bak and bit him. so unexpected. once again another good edition of your sim series :p tell me when part 2 is done :D

Hahaha! Remember how you said he looks like a woman when I first showed him to you:P Yeah, he's a real slacker and now he needs to get some work done:) I'm starting to fall for Cyrus though :S

PS.- Your username is cherrycola24 (I think)!


and oh ya! that gypsy woman is so out of the blue! but im kind of curious because she seems pissed off with him and somthing ezekeil has done.. ahh i dont want to confuse myself; ill read and see !

O gypsy woman is random. Ha, that gives me an idea. I'll see how she might be able to fit in some more. Ugh, I have a feeling I might not get done with Part 2 before my vacation ends (:S) but just in case that happens, I'm taking all of my Sims 2 collection with me to the US. But I'll start to work on it...gradually.

I wanted to say this earlier, but you can just watch this community (go to the profile page or http://community.livejournal.com/symblog/profile and click the icon with the plus sign. That way you'll know whenever I update. Besides, you've been very irregular with MSN ;)