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lizardfuel55 [userpic]
The Lackluster Life of Lala L: Chapter One

I wrote this just last night. My first story set in The Sims 3. Now that I have some downtime after graduating college, I hope to make more of this--especially since I already have World Adventures, Ambitions, Nightlife, and very soon Pets (hopefully, that EP will be worth it).

The Bridgeport grocery store prides itself on supplying ingredients to the best restaurants in the district. The Little Corsican Bistro was always competing against the then-seemingly average Hogan's Deep Fried Diner. But ever since Lala L's recent employment as a cook at the diner, Hogan's popularity with residents has soared, ranking it second to none.

This is Lala L, who inspite of being overworked, always has the time to cram in a new recipe.

Or talk to her coworkers during break like Bumble and even her boss, Alexy Fresco--the head chef at Hogan's.

Lately, Alexy has been noticing Lala's rapid career growth despite her being new to Bridgeport, and her will to prove herself. She had already been promoted twice in her 3 months at Hogan's, and was catching on fast showing no signs of slacking off. He thought that Lala's current job as a fry cook only hindered and restricted her cooking abilities.

So instead, Alexy decides to cut Lala some "slack". Since Lala worked nights, Alexy drops in one evening after his dayshift, to tell Lala the good news of being promoted to Sous-Chef, which in itself comes with a celebrity status.

But Lala doesn't have time to celebrate. Lala's new designation as sous-chef is effective immediately. She's also now in charge of planning the daily menu for Bridgeport's City Hall. Fortunately, her apartment isn't far which ensures she doesn't waste time commuting.

But Lala's culinary skills are so renowned, that The Corsican Bistro has requested Alexy to ask Lala for help in their kitchen twice a week, and Lala, having a helpful nature, just can't seem to refuse the offer regardless of her busy schedule.

Lala, working fulltime at two (and the only) renowned restaurants in Bridgeport, is now seen as a celebrity chef, and even qualified for an interview with Lola Belle, a Pop icon rated 5 stars--the highest in the community--who was now a frequent customer of Hogan's Deep Fried Diner.

And it was only normal to have casual run-ins with Jeffrey Cook--politician and potential mayor to Bridgeport (but sometimes, a little too casual).

Lala can't even seem to get through breaktime with Bumble, who greatly respected his privacy and kept to himself, without the paparazzi showing up.

Now, Lala is getting used to seeing her name on the front page of the internet as a trending search term. Her boss even insisted she hire a manager to help with her schedule, to which she reluctantly agrees. But secretly, she wonders how long she would be able to keep up with this unexpected and unwanted attention.

Many times, Lala has attempted to call her travel agent to get away from the glamour and the fame, only to be interrupted by the phone call of her manager or her boss who need her here.

On one of her nights off, after picking up a new recipe, Lala bumps into somebody--a police officer, as dark as the night itself, whom she would notice on her way to work when making his rounds at dawn. Lala also notices an obsessed fan waiting right at the front doors of her apartment building, which prompts her to hastily cook up a conversation with the cop in the hopes of scaring away her stalker.

To thank him for what he's done, Lala invites him--"William," he said his name was amidst politely trying to decline her offer-- for a quick snack prepared by her. But his attempts were in vain. Over a good meal and conversation (she noticed William ate very slowly, much to her convenience), Lala realizes that she can't remember the last time she had a friend over. Now with her 3 star celebrity status, Lala had no friends--only fans.

But Lala has to cut short the pleasant conversation when she suddenly remembers she has a drink to promote at a downtown nightclub in a few hours, and needed her rest "so the photo-retouching would be less expensive if you get your beauty sleep," in the words of her manager.

Few hours later, Lala hurriedly wakes up at 9 pm. Her manager had called to confirm the time and venue. He had highlighted the importance of this event more than he usually would because the Plasma 501 was a snazzy and fast-growing hotspot in a prime location.

A couple of hours after the promotional ceremony, Lala decides to study the new Ambrosia recipe which she would be presenting in a few days at the request of the Corsican Bistro, knowing full well her nerdiness may cost her a few "celebrity points". I'm probably better off leaving before my manager decides to give me a mouthful on public etiquette, thinks Lala.

While the bartender insisted that before she leaves she should have one for the road, Lala suddenly spots William--the police officer.

Surprised, Lala asks him what he's doing here.

"Anyone else you need me slapping some cuffs on? But no, I got off work early tonight, and was here for a drink," replies William.

William decides to leave with Lala because he had had his stay anyway. While he babbles on the way out about the movies he has seen recently, Lala realized that William's effortless and easy-going behavior around her was because he didn't know who she was and she wanted to keep it that way.

William was clearly amusing, and not obnoxious, stuck up, and difficult like her famous "friends". Lala decides to have her own night out, but not before she changes her clothes at the restroom so she can blend in better.

They end up touring the new film studio that had come into town to shoot a TV show. Lala only hoped she would't be requested to be a part of it. Her only ambition was to cook, not walk the red-carpet. She realized she needed just that to help her cope with her stress--to cook.

"I'm starved," said William, as if on cue. William sure can read minds, thought a happy Lala, who was all too pleased to have this opportunity to prepare something for her own leisure and not for show-and-tell at the restaurants.

"Well, at least you don't look as tired as you did when I met you earlier this evening" mentioned William over their meal. Lala nodded stiffly, still sipping her Stu Surprise. She didn't want to disclose her stardom--which even at 3 stars--made her feel like a superstar, in fear that William, like Bumble, may feel too intimidated, or worse--may turn into another mindless fan.

"And hopefully, you weren't seen with me by the paparazzis," finished William.

At this remark, Lala's mind began to race. William casually offers to do the dishes seeing that she was in a state of shock.

To help ease the mood, William suggests watching some TV. But Lala was still feeling anxious. Ugh, he knows, she thought, wanting to kick herself. But she decides to maintain the cool composure that she had felt. The last thing I want to feel is more stress being with friends.

To calm her nerves, Lala suggests a round of pillow-fighting which she thought William let her win too easily.

Half hour later, with William's energy levels dropping considerably, they realized it was almost dawn, and it was time for William to leave. Lala felt comfortable enough to see him off.

But as she slipped into bed, she couldn't help feeling that his thoughts had been somewhere else. Suddenly, her phone's loud ringtone snapped her out of her thoughts.

It was her manager--Who else has a talent for calling at the wrong times--calling in to check on her promotional appearance at the Plasma 501. Lala assures him it went well. The agent, who sounded even more up-beat now that he knew he had secured his 10% of the profits, didn't mind her willingness to hang up--but not before mentioning that the Plasma 501, which in addition to being a popular nightclub for nightlife, was also a local haunt for vampires. "So your publicity will only be sky-high once all kinds of audience find themselves being able to relate to you, Lala darling. But as long as you--of course, why would you even to begin with, make friends with any of them because my job would be even harder trying to publicize a heathen, am I right?"

That's it! Comments and critique are welcome as always. Chapter Two will be posted on here soon!

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