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Simmy stories...for the infected

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Blog for Simmy Stories

Welcome to Simioritis. I renamed this community after my own die-hard habit--lack of studying to write stories during my Senior year (actually it's been an ongoing disease). I created this community in Live Journal to upload my stories of my sims.

Content: The entire purpose of making this community was to not restrict myself. The Sims series are a Teen (T) rated game and certain aspects of storytelling and content aren't always acceptable with the official sims community. There may be explicit content (but I usually stay away from that sort of thing), but I'll post a disclaimer wherever necessary. So if you think you can handle certain content, that's entirely your decision of viewing the post. Don't blame me for your sleepless nights (unless if it's the suspense that's holding you :).

Critique: Only constructive criticism is welcome. That means comments like "I hate your story 'cause this sim is ugly" or "It's boring" won't get me (or you) anywhere. I'm not saying everyone should like my ideas but I want to hear solutions than just plain whining. I'm going to take the efforts to listen to feedback and comments just as how you took the efforts to come here and read my stories (and this page as well).

Members: There's no restriction on the people that get to read and post on here. This community is not Friends Only and is open to the public. It's your choice if you want to add this community to your friends list or your watch list. All members and watchers are added by default.

Announcements: I usually announce updates to my stories via core communities like "The Biggest Sims 2 Community" thesims2 (http://community.livejournal.com/thesims2) and simstorytellers (http://simstorytellers.livejournal.com) . Please refrain from commenting on my story via outer pages. I'd rather all comments be posted on via community itself.

Tags: You can search tags for stories you probably want to catch up on. All sims featuring in a story are tagged. To search tags, go to Memories (the little red heart icon on this page) and click the sim's name you're looking for. You'll then get a list of entries which includes your search. Or you can also go to http://symblog.livejournal.com/tag. Also, I've enabled page summary on the layout. It currently holds up to 20 entries, so that could be a good reference as well.

Mod: That'll be me a.k.a. lizardfuel55. More on me over here: http://lizardfuel55.livejournal.com/profile

All stories from The Sims 1, Sims 2, and The Sims 3 are welcome, along with legacy families--as long as they are stories relevant to the Sim series.


P.S. - This community has been recently renamed from symblog to simioritis

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